On-Camera + Voiceover 6 Week Intensive

Steve and Michelle are teaming up with Producer & SAG-AFTRA Actor

Tony Doupe'

Casting Director Heidi Walker out of Washington State!

Intro to Audiobooks

Steve Corona will be teaching this 6-week course. Learn what it takes to narrate audiobooks!

Diving into Commercial VO

In this exciting 6 week course, you will dive into the world of Commercial Voiceover!

Wednesday VO Workout Group

Join Michelle for 2 hours every Wednesday and get your VO workout in!

Advanced Animation

Coming soon!



Steve Corona & Kim Monti will be

co-teaching this exciting One-Day Intensive. Learn what it takes to narrate audiobooks!

VO Audition Workout


Send in MP3s & Receive Technical and Performance Feedback from Michelle!

Fundamentals of Acting for Voice Over

In this Voiceover Intensive, Steve & Michelle will focus on the fundamentals of voice acting as a necessary foundation for voiceover work.

*New Feature* Bonus Consultation Session with Steve and Michelle following completion of this Workshop. 

Advanced Audiobooks

Dive deeper into powerfully effective, time-tested storytelling techniques for richer audiobook narration. Discover and fine-tune your voice for specific genres that will make you stand out. 

Demo Production

Let Michelle help you write original material for your Beginner Commercial or Animation Demo!

Voice Acting for Animation One-Day Intensive

This One Day Intensive will shed light on the world of Animation and  Video Game VoiceOver.

Animation Bootcamp

In this exciting 6 week course, you will dive into the world of Animation VO! Michelle will incorporate real scripts from Animated shows you know and love and you’ll leave having created your very own character voices!

Dialects Ongoing

Learn the dialects you need! Drawing from a wealth of knowledge, This class follows a unique format – Every 2 weeks, we will learn a new dialect.

Editing for VO

Using Audacity and Adobe Audition, Steve & Michelle demonstrate how to edit your own audio for voiceover. Their tips & shortcuts could save you countless hours in post-production.

Private Coaching

Steve and Michelle offer 1/2 hour and 1 hour private coaching via

Zoom or Skype.

Commercial Intensive​

In this 3 hour intensive you’ll learn the basics of Commercial Voiceover, work through commercial scripts and receive feedback and adjustments from Michelle.

Improv for VO Coming soon!