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Diving into Commercial VO!

**Now only offered as a 1:1 class with Michelle! Please email Michelle to get started!**

6 Week Commercial Class

The commercial world in VO is ever evolving. Especially after 2020. Now… more than ever ;) it’s important to work with coaches who are current and are in the trenches and know what’s happening in the land of auditioning —or let’s be honest— in any area of interest you are pursuing. Commercial VO is no longer “about selling,” but rather about communicating from the heart and soul. You must be grounded, natural and non-announcer-y.


Michelle has been working and coaching professionally in VO since 2013, has voiced many commercials and is the voice of “True Health New Mexico.”


Over the course of these 7 weeks, you’ll learn the basics and various styles of Commercial Voiceover: lasering in on the conversational read — but also including partner reads, legal, animated commercial reads and more. Every week, you’ll work through commercial scripts and receive feedback and adjustments from Michelle.

Special Industry Guest on Week 6!

Reach out to to set up your 1:1.

***ZOOM information will be sent the day before your class start date.

Student Testimonials! 

“The Diving Into Commercial Class was an absolutely fantastic experience for me. There is no better place to find a community of classmates and an instructor to bring out your very best. Michelle’s innate ability to guide and challenge you in the kindest and most precise way, helped me quickly understand the nuances, and intricacies in script writing, breaking down commercial copy, practicing conversational tone, seconds takes, etc. I have never felt more prepared in submitting auditions and even recently working with producers for a paid job! Signing up for the Diving Into Commercial 6-week class is an ABSOLUTE MUST!” ~ Celeste P.

"The 6 week commercial class was a great experience!  I've worked with Michelle in private commercial sessions (which have also helped A LOT), but the group class offered so much more.  Being able to see and hear the other students read the wide variety of scripts, and take Michelle's suggestions and change up a read just like that, was really helpful.  And when it was my turn, I got the same personal attention from Michelle as in a private session until I got it right.  Best of all coaching worlds.  I thoroughly enjoyed it and learned a ton."

-Alan B.

“I took Diving Into Commercial VO to explore a new area of VO and see if it was a good fit. I thoroughly enjoyed the class and found it exceptionally informative.  Michelle is very knowledgeable and experienced.  She genuinely cares about her students and strives to enlighten, equip and empower each one to successfully make a career of voice over acting.  She spends time with each student analyzing the copy and teaching ways to make the words come alive for you so that you can make it come alive for the audience.  I truly can not recommend this class enough, nor sing Michelle's praises loud enough.  Do yourself and your career a favor and take this class.”

-Donna R.

"I just wanted to say thank you. What you and Steve are creating is amazing. I’m not sure if everyone understands how amazing what you’re doing is or how unusually it is, but I very much do. I know how hard it is to build a community from scratch. It’s a thankless job so I just wanted to say thank you! And I see you. If there’s anything I can do to help please let me know." Emily C.

"Whether you are just starting out, been at this for years, or somewhere in between, Michelle has the unique ability to challenge you and bring out the best in you!  I have taken several classes with Southwest Voices and each of them helps me become a better Voice Actor.  Coaching is the foundation of good voice over.  Build yours with Southwest Voices!"

-Monique M.

"Your classes are among the most professional, enjoyable, and educational of any that I've taken--ever!  You employ a stairstep method that builds mastery at each level.  My compliments!  Very very well done!"

-Daniel Williams

"Thank you, as always, for creating a learning environment that is welcoming, encouraging, safe, and creative.  You make it easy for us to use the diving board...❤️  And my sincerest thanks to our entire class.  You guys are awesome, and I hope we stay in touch to share our challenges, our ideas, and our successes." 

Michael S. 

I so appreciate everything you do. It’s always an honor to be coached by you! - Mikayla 

"I have been cast in a role for my first audiobook! A big shout out “Thank You” to my coaches Steve Corona and Michelle Campbell of Southwest Voices for their solid training and working, industry advice - 


-Michael S.

"So digged this, thank you! So informative, appreciate you! I'll admit, at first I was like "more Michelle" because in the beginning it's the students sharing and reading....then, I realized "oh my gosh, she is getting them all comfortable!" Because its uncomfortable for most to just participate but, each student warmed up to it from the intro to the actually reads of copy. And, by the end, I actually felt like I knew those individuals! Connection and Comfort, so key and you gave them (and me just observing!) that xo." 

Bonnie J. 

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