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Editing for Voiceover!

Steve Corona & Michelle Campbell have been recording, editing and submitting their own audio for voiceover for over 20 years combined!

Using Audacity and Adobe Audition, Steve & Michelle demonstrate how to edit your own audio for voiceover. Their tips & shortcuts could save you countless hours in post-production. 

We will cover the following:

  • Settings

  • Recording

  • Editing & Mastering

  • Labeling & Saving files

  • Different file formats

  • Submitting auditions

  • And more!

***In addition to demonstrating their own processes, Steve & Michelle will answer any questions you have during the workshop.

Cost: $42 

Video and viewing details will be sent to you after purchase!


Student Testimonials! 

"A big shout out “Thank You” to my coaches Steve Corona and Michelle Campbell of Southwest Voices for their solid training and working, industry advice -  (SOUTHWEST VOICES ALUMNI BOOK JOBS!!!) " 

-Michael Silvestri 


"your classes are among the most professional, enjoyable, and educational of any that I've taken--ever!  You employ a stairstep method that builds mastery at each level.  My compliments!  Very very well done!"



"Anyone looking to get into voiceovers, look no further than these guys! The absolute best, professional, experienced and knowledgeable voiceover coaches. I couldn’t have done it without Steve & Michelle at Southwest Voices."

- KataLina Parrish

"I'm improving with each piece I record and edit. Huge thanks go out to my friends and wonderful VO colleagues for all the guidance and encouragement. The Southwest Voices VO community is simply the best!"

-Stephanie Telles

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