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Animation Bootcamp

6 Weeks


**Now only offered as a 1:1 class with Michelle! Please email Michelle to get started!**


In this exciting 6 week course, you will dive into the world of Animation VO! Michelle will incorporate real scripts from Animated shows you know and love and you’ll leave having created your very own character voices!


What to look forward to? 


  • discovering your vocal qualities and how to use them to your advantage

  • reading and performing animated scripts from animated shows— including Villains on week 4!

  • vocal and writing exercises that lead you to creating your own animated character voices

  • prepared reads with a mock audition on week 6!

  • Special Industry Guest on Week 6 (Daniel Ross has been our guest previously)


Michelle Campbell has trained extensively in Voiceover in Los

Angeles with many teachers such as Sara Jane Sherman (Executive Casting Director for Disney Animation and WB), Debi Derryberry (Jimmy Neutron), and Ginny McSwain.


Her credits include: Disney Jr’s Doc McStuffins, a McDonald’s

commercial for “Smurf’s: The Lost Village” as Smurfette, the lead in a scratch record feature film with the creator of Jimmy Neutron, as well as commercials, video games and looping for shows such as House of Cards and The Flash.

Reach out to Michelle to set up your 1:1 --

***ZOOM information will be sent the day before your class date.

Student Testimonials! 



"This class was the absolute bomb.  I’m so proud to have been a part of this very special troop.  You all are amazing! 


Thank you Michelle, and everyone, for creating and providing a safe and comfortable place in which to play, but thanks most of all, for your kindnesses and generosities.   I am truly inspired and motivated to continue because of this group.


Excellent class, tremendously talented group, and a gifted and generous (patient) teacher. What else is there? I am Inspired by all of you to continue to explore, to invent, to create, and to learn and grow.


You have all taught an old timer like me that where we have been does NOT define where we are going, but merely adds color, flavor, and the opportunity to reflect and change course. You guys rock. Thank you for everything! Stay in touch. I may go dark on FB (I do not use Messenger), but you have my email and phone number. I’ll be here...trying to figuring out what to do next - so hit me up! Peace, and every blessing of success and happiness…" 

Michael S.

"Thank you so much Michelle!! Loved every minute of this class!! I learned so much from everyone" 

Christina H.


"It's all about the energy, intention and love that you put out there Michelle Campbell - you created a safe, fun, hilarious 6 weeks of exercises that helped up get started on building our tool box! Thank you and to our talented group!"

Ramona D.


"Thank you for the experience, Michelle! It was a great learning environment made possible by you, as well as all these wonderful people in our class. It was an honor and I look forward to keeping up with everyone."

Daniel A.


"I’ve been really inspired by your class, and it couldn’t have come at a better time. So glad to have this in my life. Funny how the universe works sometimes. please keep sharing your gift with the world. I’m so impressed by your teaching and just the fun you allow to happen. I’m so happy to be a part of this. Thank you."

Jeremy K.

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