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Fundamentals of Acting for Voiceover


February 18th

10:30 am - 5 pm MST

Steve Corona & Michelle Campbell have decades of combined experience as voice & film actors, coaches, and teachers.  In this Voiceover Intensive, Steve & Michelle will focus on the Fundamentals of Acting as a necessary foundation for voiceover work! 


This workshop was specifically designed with the beginning VO actor in mind, not only to help demystify and clarify what niche of VO they are most drawn to, but to help develop and strengthen the skills needed for effective VOICE Acting. Even if  you’re a seasoned Stage or On-Camera Actor, the approach to Voice Acting is a skill set onto its own!


You will have opportunities to practice live and receive individual direction and feedback from Steve & Michelle. A wide variety of voiceover types will be covered, including:


  • Commercials

  • Animation

  • Video Games

  • Audiobooks

  • Dialects & Accents

*There will be a lunch break!

There will be time for Q&A throughout the workshop.

Cost: $200 to Participate - limited to 8

***ZOOM information will be sent the day before your class date.

Student Testimonials! 

"A big shout out “Thank You” to my coaches Steve Corona and Michelle Campbell of Southwest Voices for their solid training and working, industry advice -  (SOUTHWEST VOICES ALUMNI BOOK JOBS!!!) " 

-Michael Silvestri 


"your classes are among the most professional, enjoyable, and educational of any that I've taken--ever!  You employ a stairstep method that builds mastery at each level.  My compliments!  Very very well done!"



"Anyone looking to get into voiceovers, look no further than these guys! The absolute best, professional, experienced and knowledgeable voiceover coaches. I couldn’t have done it without Steve & Michelle at Southwest Voices."

- KataLina Parrish

"I'm improving with each piece I record and edit. Huge thanks go out to my friends and wonderful VO colleagues for all the guidance and encouragement. The Southwest Voices VO community is simply the best!"

-Stephanie Telles

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