Demo Production

Demos for Commercial and Animation can be expensive!

We're talking a good $1200 a pop!

VO actors that are just starting out don't need to run out and spend this much on a demo because, frankly they're just not ready yet. We recommend waiting a good 6 months to a year of hard core training before you cut a demo.


Building your VO skills takes time. But for actors that need a demo sooner than later, Michelle will help guide you and coach you to get a great representation of your talent right now.


Michelle will help you create and write original material that's a perfect fit for you, as well as produce the music and sound effects to accompany it. 

For more info and rates on how Michelle can help you with your Commercial or Animation Demo, please message her here:

Looking forward to working with you soon!

Clients who've worked with Michelle:

Commercial DemoNick Meyer
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Commercial DemoMelanie O'Neal
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