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Commercial Voiceover Intensive

The commercial world in VO is ever evolving. Especially after 2020. Now… more than ever it’s important to work with coaches who are current (not just in VO! But in all aspects!) and are in the trenches and know what’s happening in the land of auditioning (or any area of interest you are pursuing). Commercial VO is no longer “about selling,” but rather about communicating from the heart and soul.


Michelle has been working and coaching professionally in VO since 2013, has voiced many commercials and is the voice of “True Health New Mexico.”


In this 3 hour intensive you’ll learn the basics of Commercial Voiceover, work through commercial scripts and receive feedback and adjustments from Michelle.

Cost: $100 Full Participant - limited to 10

***ZOOM information will be sent the day before your class date.

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Date: TBA

6p - 9p MST

Student Testimonials! 


"Your classes are among the most professional, enjoyable, and educational of any that I've taken--ever!  You employ a stairstep method that builds mastery at each level.  My compliments!  Very very well done!"

-Daniel Williams

"I have been cast in a role for my first audiobook! A big shout out “Thank You” to my coaches Steve Corona and Michelle Campbell of Southwest Voices for their solid training and working, industry advice - 


-Michael Silvestri 

"So digged this, thank you! So informative, appreciate you! I'll admit, at first I was like "more Michelle" because in the beginning it's the students sharing and reading....then, I realized "oh my gosh, she is getting them all comfortable!" Because its uncomfortable for most to just participate but, each student warmed up to it from the intro to the actually reads of copy. And, by the end, I actually felt like I knew those individuals! Connection and Comfort, so key and you gave them (and me just observing!) that xo." 

Bonnie J. 

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