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Meet the Team!

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Steve Corona


Steve is a well-rounded TV, Film, Stage, and Voice Actor with credits in such notable productions as: Breaking Bad, The Lone Ranger, Army of the Dead, The Harder They Fall and many more! Over 17 years in the entertainment industry,


Steve has worked with top talent (like Helen Mirren, Gerard Butler, Jeremy Irons, Johnny Depp, Tina Fey, Aaron Paul, and Jason Isaacs), as well as award-winning directors (Taylor Hackford, Bob Balaban, and Zack Snyder). Production companies who have hired Mr. Corona (both as an actor and as a dialect coach!) include: Disney, Netflix, CBS, NBC, Paramount, and Lionsgate.  

As a dialect coach, Steve has helped countless actors from around the world learn over 40 accents and book roles in TV shows, movies, and voice-over projects.

Steve co-wrote an original Sherlock Holmes mystery, and got to play BOTH Watson (in the original stage production) AND Sherlock (when it was later adapted into a filmed version)!

Over the last few years, Steve has voiced a plethora of International voiceover projects for major companies, including: Netflix, Hisense, Corona Beer, Colgate, FedEx, Nestle, Red Cross, Duolingo, and Bimbo – to name a few. 

Steve teaches most aspects of acting, including: Dialects, Improv, Fundamentals of Voice Acting, Audiobook Narration, and Audition techniques.


For more info and to see more of Steve's work, check out his website:


"Steve, you are brilliant! Thank you so very much for your support and expertise."

- -Helen Mirren (Academy Award winner, The Queen)

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Michelle Campbell

"She's smart, wildly inventive and can do amazing things with her voice. She's super fun to work with and great attitude. Highly recommended. "

-  Dave Waite: Founder of Zookeeper, a creative studio focused on branded animation for clients like TBS, Fox Sports + NBC. 

Michelle Campbell is a professional Film, TV and Voice Actor with 17 years in the biz. Many call her quirky. Someone once said she’s like “Hilary Swank… who does comedy.” 


For On Camera - she’s most recently worked on the CBS Series "SWAT," the Amazon Series "Bosch: Legacy," the Apple TV Series “Echo 3,” and these upcoming shows: A24's "The Curse," with Emma Stone, and Netflix's "Obliterated." 


Michelle also recurs on Season 1 of "The Cleaning Lady" on FOX. She's worked with Kevin Costner and Kelly Reilly in the Paramount series - "Yellowstone;" Tom Hanks, in the period western, "News of the World" and with Rosario Dawson in the USA Series, "Briarpatch." Other on screen credits include "Modern Family," and the Netflix Series "DayBreak" (where Steve and Michelle met!).


Michelle’s Animation Voiceover credits include Disney Jr’s "Doc McStuffins" as Sadie the Parrot, a McDonald’s commercial for "Smurf’s: The Lost Village" as Smurfette, Hasbro Play-Doh commercials, and a Lead role in a scratch record feature film with the creators of "Jimmy Neutron" and the voice of Jimmy— Debi Derryberry— herself! And Michelle has several Video Game projects currently in development!


Michelle’s Voiceover commercial credits include: Hasbro Playdoh', Blue Cross/Blue Shield, REELZ, True Health New Mexico, Tesuque Casino, Tesuque Stucco, and more. 


In addition to being the voice of the 2020 & 2021 New Mexico Addy Awards, Michelle has worked on several video games as well as looping/ADR for shows such as House of Cards, Unreal and The Flash.


Michelle studied with many Voiceover legends, her favorites being: Sara Jane Sherman, Debi Derryberry (Jimmy Neutron), Ginny McSwain (and many more).


Michelle also coaches for On-Camera Auditions and Technique sessions -- For more info and to see more of Michelle's work, check out her




Fundamentals of VO, Editing for VO, Audiobooks, Dialects

Fundamentals of VO, Editing for VO, Animation, Commercial




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"Steve will make sure you are on the right path for yourself in the voiceover world, and he will gladly assist you with any obstacles that require navigating."

- William (voice actor/student)

"Michelle has so much knowledge, patience, and kindness to guide any student willing to learn and put themselves out there. I felt like I learned so much about myself in her classes. Her honesty, encouragement, and empowerment is so wonderful."

- Alyssa Lopez, Actor/Student






Kim is an entrepreneurial Film, TV and Voiceover Actor who carries a wide variety of characters and voices in her head. She has been very active in Albuquerque independent films as well as feature films. She brings over 25 years of training, communications and business development experience from other careers that combine with her artistic talents to provide an in-depth deep dive into developing Voiceover talent and business.


Her Voiceover credits include multiple audiobooks, podcasts and a portfolio of commercial work. Voiceover commercial credits include: NM Blue Cross Blue Shield, Tractor Brewery, and NM Department of Health. Local Commercial Animation Voiceover credits include: NM Wildlife Foundation, Bristol Doughnuts and RoboRAVE International.


Kim is also a VO Casting Director for a local Albuquerque Audio company, her blended experience provides her students with solid preparation for launching a new career in Voiceover and she provides a “how the sausage is made” look at just what happens AFTER your VO audition is submitted.





Voice/ Singing

Dani has been teaching voice and vocal performance for 7 years and has taught students from 7-80. Voice lessons are aimed at students who are looking to develop their voice or those looking to learn a specific skill or genre of singing. Lessons consist of vocal exercises to strengthen the voice and give the student a good understanding of how it works and songs that the student and I choose so that we can learn to apply the techniques from the exercises. Plus, songs are just more fun! My goal with each student is to access their specific goals and needs and work with them to achieve those goals. Our voices are muscles that need to be worked and understood and I love working with students to give them a strong understanding of exactly what their voice is capable of doing.


Wonderful words about Dani!

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