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Improv for VO auditions
- Workshop with Jay Preston!


Make your Auditions Memorable and Competitive in Today's market!

We're very excited to be able to offer this 4 hour workshop taught by Jay Preston.

Jay is an award-winning voice actor, the founder of The Voice Over Collective, Co-Founder of and now the Co-Creative director of the VO Resource Guide, the industry's oldest publication. Jay has been a working professional voice actor for 15 years now and has been heard in countless commercials on the radio and tv, he's voiced 100's of characters for video games and animation and books weekly.

This 4 hour workshop will focus on taking commercial copy, figuring it out, and infusing it with off the cuff, improvisational techniques sure to make your auditions stand out.


This workshop is limited to 12 people so that each and every student gets AMPLE time practicing and honing in on this skillset. You will leave more confident in your auditions, you will have more fun auditioning and you will have a better chance at standing out in the casting room.


I don't do workshops very often, because there are PLENTY of them out there and I usually don't have the time with travel and work, BUT I have been working on a new type of workshop that I think is going to be REALLY game changing for all levels of voice actor. I tested it out a little bit last month with the VO Weekly Workout and fine tuned some ideas and am ready to release it upon you all. I was asked years ago by Southwest Voices to guest direct and I put it off for a while, but they have asked again and I think it's the perfect platform to unleash this 4 hour intensive.


So many actors are either afraid of the word improv or love it to pieces. Regardless of which one you are, you will LOVE this workshop and I truly believe it will help you stand out in your auditions. It is WAY easier than your brain makes it out to be and I have figured out ways to shake the cleverness out of your mouth!


• We will dive deep for four hours, each hour on different aspects of improv and how it relates to copy, reading and practicing throughout.

• We will NOT waste time playing improv games

• On the last hour we will drive it home with all we learned.

• We will use commercial copy but all you learn can be applied to all aspects of VO.

• This worksop is limited to 12 people and takes place over zoom



Cost: $120 - limited to 12 (full participants)

Also: $40 - unlimited (auditors)

Find and follow JAY PRESTON'S WORK via these websites:

***If you recently participated in Jay's VOWW, email for your special discount!!!


Please make payment on VENMO to @heymichellecampbell AND include your email when sending payment. Thank you!


***ZOOM information will be sent the day before your class date.

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